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Am I done?

Just finished my second MAO prelim a couple weeks ago. Made top 10, but not top 5... Tied for non-finalist Interview (last time i won that one outright) and got Miss Congeniality (again). got less than 1/2 the scholarship I did last time, while placing higher. The judges told me that had it been any other year I probably would've been in the top 5 if not the top 3, but there were so many girls with such high interview and talent scores that one little dip in scores here or there crushed some girls.

Everyone encouraged me to come back once again, but do I want to? 3rd Time around? Last year of eligability? I have no idea... I'm seriously considering making the jump to Miss USA - almost unthinkable a few weeks ago being that i was raised backstage at MAO (mom was on the local executive board). I know there's politics everywhere, but maybe a change of scenery is what i need. Plus, it'd give me a chance to go to state...

Any comments, thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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