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Does size really matter?

Hi! My name is Janna, and I am from Minnesota. I have competed in only one local pageant, Miss Waseca County Sleigh and Cutter, where I won the best non-finalist talent award for my monologue, and I am competing in the Miss South Central pageant next Saturday. I'm very excited, but I have a question for all of you.

Do you think size really matters? What I mean is, dress size. I am about a size 10-12, and that's as small as I get without starving myself. I used to be a lot bigger but I lost around 30 lbs when I was an exchange student in Japan. I eat right and I work out, but I still don't get any skinnier so I would assume this is the size that is healthiest for me. I don't look "fat", really, but I'm not thin. I have large thighs but they are very muscular. Overall, I just have a large frame. Do you think this will hurt me in competition?

I would like honest answers to this. It really makes me sad when I am shopping online for pageant gowns and other clothes and see only sizes two through six, with an occasional size eight. It's so hard to find things for girls my size competing in pageants. It's like nobody wants a "fat girl" to wear a crown, although I am not fat and I am "physically fit". It's all very frustrating.

So yeah, honest answers would be nice. Thank you <3
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